Atmospheric water generator, fresh water from air

Atmospheric water generator, an Air to water machine. A source for pure water

As long as there is air, water can be formed.

Atmospheric water generators(AWG) is a fresh water generator that is simple and yet practical invention. The main process that transform air into water is condensation. For centuries, many people worldwide devised different methods to produce drinking water. Some ways are filtration methods(desalination) and digging for underground water(wells). Many forget the fact that there is readily available water in the air. Billions of gallons of water recycles daily in our natural atmospheric cycle daily worldwide. This can be tapped easily though much more cheaper methods.

 How does it work?

Its really easy. Notice the water droplets that condenses outside a glass of cold water? That’s exactly how it works! In our air to water machines, the same air around us is sucked into the machine first. The air is then cooled down and water is formed through condensation on the cooling coils. The dry cool air is then heated and exits from the machine. Water is collected in a storage tank that is then filtered through a 7 step filtration system. This includes ultraviolet light that eliminates bacteria and viruses. Chart as follows:

Wait! is the water from air safe to drink?

Yes, it’s safe! This is the number one concern and is easily addressed as we breathe the air first. If it is not safe, health complications will come almost immediately through breathing the same air. This is before even condensing and drinking it. On top of that, our AWGs are certified worldwide to produce pure drinking water. This is tested through harsh conditions like polluted air and smog. Further more, we are based and certified in Singapore. Singapore is known for strict environmental and water laws. This is how fresh drinking water from air is formed.

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Methods of water generation comparison

Type of water production Fog fence Atmospheric water generator Desalination plant
Cost Water production is
free with solar/wind turbine.
Water production is
free with solar/wind turbine.
Water production is
free with solar/wind turbine.
Mobility Only on fog areas. Non or little
fog areas reports poor production.
Very mobile, can be placed anywhere.
As long there is air, water can be produced.
Only on coastlines as desalination plants
require the sea as the source.
Water quality Consistent and good water quality. Source
composition is similar to that of air.
Consistent and very good water quality. There
is no big fluctuation in air composition.
Water quality is inconsistent. Sea water
contains different amounts of phosphates and compositions.
side effects
None. None. Yes, millions of fishes die
because of desalination plants.
Size Requires alot
of land space.
Requires land space. Most amount of land space required as
pipes required to be built to transport the water.

Atmospheric water generation relies on the science of humidity, temperature and air. Higher levels of humidity produces more water. This makes it so flexible and easy as it is just a plug and play system. Did i forget to mention that you can place it almost anywhere as long as there is air? Unlike desalination plants, Atmospheric water generators do not require a water source and that is the most important piece of magic.As you can see, atmospheric water generation is the most versatile and consistent water generation method. There is no doubt that desalination plants are over marketed and widely used worldwide. Desalination plants actually do more harm than good to our natural Eco system. It is reported that millions of aqua marine life is dead due to the process of  desalination. This in time will become an irreversible effect to our world. It also poses more serious problems in the future if continued. Maybe no more or very expensive seafood. Desalination plants are required to build near the sea. This is very inflexible. Huge pipes are also required to be built to pump the water to residents and commercial buildings. Please read here to know more about it.

Right here, we have different sizes of AWGs available to cater to your needs. Ranging from the 45 litres per day model to 5000 litres per day! These machines can be utilized together for bigger water production. In 2015, we produced a brand new model that requires only 90 watts to produce 10 litres of water per day. This is a revolutionary breakthrough! More information can be found here.

Applications of the air to water technology

Atmospheric water generators are used in the following areas:

  1. Water crisis solution.In countries like India, alot of people travel more than 6 hours daily for their daily water needs. NRG Atmospheric water generators are the perfect solution to bring this country closer to the first world standards. The AWGs can be placed strategically into many inland communities. Therefore, solving their daily water consumption needs.
  2. Farming. Water is important for farming and irrigation. Many farmers produce poor yields due to infertile and dry soil conditions. Weather conditions also contribute to the poor yields They have to constantly seek new fertile lands to grow their crops. This is evident from record breaking droughts. Air to water technology can help solve this situation alongside with other solutions.
  3. Military.In many countries such as Israel, soldiers are now equipped with military grade backpacks that produce water from air. For a long time, the military has to transport huge amounts of drinkable water. Thus, they have to dedicate resources and manpower to defend the water source. With the AWG fresh water generator, they can get definitely be more mobile. They are also able to outlast and be strategically more advantageous during warfare and training.
  4. Residential and offices.Water barrels no more! Many offices and homes have started to turn away from prehistoric water barrel type dispensers. These are not only more expensive and also pose storage and many inconvenient factors.
  5. Total water production solution. In many areas, there are water ration exercises to control the amount of water used daily. These areas are reported to sell water at a much higher rate than the rest. With the AWGs air to water technology, you can now enjoy a better lifestyle. This contributes to better hygiene, guilt free water consumption and cleaning.


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