Sell Atmospheric Water Generator today and help save lives

Sell Atmospheric Water Generator today and help save lives. By NRG

NRG is one of the biggest manufacturer of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). NRGatmospheric water generator is a Patented gadget that creates Drinking Water From Air. The water generator also has a 5 step filtration process making great tasting drinking water. Water tests shows PH levels between 6.5-7.2, and pure drinking water is PH 7. When you add a solar panel and chargeable battery setup to this water from air machine, you can produce unlimited water for free everyday. The biggest production is up to 5000 litres of water a day for industrials and up to 45litres of water a day for home and office use.

NRG currently has a worldwide distributor program which allows start ups and interested individuals to join easily. Buy ONLY one unit and you can be a distributor. This encourages entrepreneurship and starting a potential business for less than $1000. Distributors get 15% off selling prices, which the cheapest AWG is only at $765. Companies sell up to $1500 for the exact same unit worldwide. The entry level to join as a distributor for other companies is also high, where you need to buy 10-50 units of AWG. NRG does not believe in this, but instead focuses on helping people without water and extending the same benefits for lesser costs.

NRG also rewards distributors with buyers leads monthly. As there are sales enquiries from around the world daily, NRG will lead the buyer to the nearest distributor available. Other highly notable income streams will be from monthly servicing of AWG units and additional warrenty. So how important is water? Well, I can say water is often taken for granted by those that have abundance. But do you know it’s the number 2 upcoming crisis by 2030? World economy recession is number 1. You can verify this fact in the world economic forum. Below are some examples of when we need water and yet its not available.

In the US, CDC and other govt institutions recently reported on preparing for Zombie Apocalypse. While its incredible to believe, but the funny thing is, why is so many reputable news stations and media reporting the same? Better to be safe than sorry. The AWG can be a life saver for you and your family during this troubled times. It is the most important need in the zombie apocalypse survival kit.

After natural disasters happen, the amount of damage and devastation it brings is unimaginable. Every year worldwide, the amount of big scale natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis is increasing. How many of you said this to yourself? “it won’t happen to me, im safe” And when it does, you are unprepared. Having a safe location such as a bunker to relocate your family and your loved ones is important. But how will you live without water? The AWG is a must-have as part of the emergency preparedness food supply.

So join NRG today and help save lives! Earn a substantial income and spread this solution to end the world water crisis.