Unlimited water for Disaster Preparedness

disaster prepardness

Disaster Preparedness kit and Emergency survival kit often neglect the most important things. We must learn from History! Take 2 recent examples, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane SandyLack of clean water was predicted to “make human suffering incredible by modern standard” (source:Wikipedia).

As the saying goes, a human will die within….

Minutes without air

Days without water

Weeks without food

There are standard emergency preparedness kits been readily built or advised by survivalists but that does not mean it could be suitable for you and your loved ones. Always have your own emergency kit checklist and find out what other necessities are missing which you and your family will need in order to survive. You are the decision maker and you will be the one who knows what best for yourself and your loved ones.


Emergency food and water supplies are always the key items in any disaster preparedness kit. Without these supplies, no matter how well equipped you are with modern tools and equipments, you will not be able to survive. This should be the main concerns in which you will really need to consider to have sufficient amount of, when preparing your emergency preparedness supplies. Unless you are required to travel to a safe spot, if you are waiting it out at your own home/any premises, it is crucial to have at least 2 years of non-perishable and easy-to-prepare food supply. If unfortunately your food supply runs out, you can always hunt for food in which most doomsday preppers will include firearms into their doomsday kit.

Going out to retrieve food and water to resupply your home emergency kit is dangerous and is dependable on the type of disasters that have struck your community. The most important supply which no matter what situation you are in, you must find a way to resupply it and that will be CLEAN WATER.

An average person uses 98litres of water a day. When Disaster strikes, WHERE ??? are you going to get 98litres of water per day? THAT WEIGHS approx 98kg(216 pounds). This is the most important fact that most preppers neglect! Where can you find an endless source of water supply in all types of disastrous scenarios without competing / fighting over it with other people?

What if, I tell you the solution to this problem is simple as generating water from air itself? If you can make your own water from air, THIS IS A CHANNEL OF ENDLESS WATER SUPPLY! And it is just like having a water dispenser in your own home and without the need of Electricity and a water source

Check out Atmospheric Water Generators to find out more about these life-saving miracle machines!

With water you can…

–          Barter trade

–          Grow your own food (hydroponics)

–          Energy/Electricity source (Hydro power)

–          Bathe (fatal diseases happen when you are unclean for weeks)

–          Never ever need to put you and your family at risk by fighting for water and food.